Tornevall Networks RaspTunnel is an experimental project where we're adding micro servers into a DMZ-controlled environment. The tunnel project primary target is ipv6 tunnels, where they are normally not reachable, or has a very weak configuration.

How does it work?

An installer injects required data into a raspberry pi, which is configured with a static ip address matching the network that needs it. It should be installed at the same ip range as your DHCP server and your incoming gateway shoud be configured with a DMZ-pointer to this machine.

With Tornevall Networks API, the pi will download data required for a controller to connect to the service, since the gateway should (unless the user have full control by themselves) be able to administered from an external point (Tornevall Networks IP-ranges). The API will also be used to configure dynamic tunnels.

As this is based on Linux (Raspian for pi 1, and Ubuntu 16 for pi 2 and pi 3), not only ipv6 tunnels may be considered. However, if there is ipv4 included here, we should make sure that the primary gateway are really routing networks properly. A recommended path for ipv4 tunnels should be somewhere at

This is a infrastructure issue, so the primary location of the ongoing project issue is located here: