This is a page that tries to keep the timelines in the MCU up to date. It combines more dates (and eventually more universes).

Venomverse and Sony Spiderverse is still not included in this list. Neither are the Disney+ series.

OccursMovie/TVReleasedPhaseInformation, mid/post-credits, other connections

The Eternals2021-11-05

1943-1945Captain America - The first Avenger2011-07-22

Steve Rogers wakes up 2012. Nick Fury tries to save the world.
1995Captain Marvel2019-03-08

Carol Danvers meets parts of the survivors from Infinity War 2018.
2007-2011Incredible Hulk2008-06-13

End credits refers to putting a team together. The super soldier program was put on ice for a reason.
2010Iron Man2008-05-02

End credits refers to "Iron man became part of a bigger universe". Nick Fury want to talk about "The Avengers Initiative".
2011Iron Man 22010-05-07

Coulson goes for the hammer of Thor.

Doctor Selvig meets Nick Fury. Controlled by Loki, they ends phase one with The Avengers.
2012The Avengers2012-05-04

Thanos shows up for the first time. The Avengers goes Shawarma.
2012Iron Man 32013-05-03

Tony Stark speaks with Banner the claims he's not a therapist.
2013Thor - The dark world2013-11-08

Thor's friends meets "The collector" (first glimpse of guardians of the galaxy) to leave the power stone. Thor returns to Jane foster.
2014Captain America - The winter soldier2014-04-04

Hydra has the scepter, which says this is the age of miracles. We meet "the twins" the first time which are followed by Age of Ultron.
Scenes ending with Bucky.
2014Guardians of the galaxy2014-08-01

Groot protects the guardians by sacrifice and are regrowing as a young plant.
2014Guardians of the galaxy - Volume 22017-05-05

Groot is growing.
Princess Ayesha tries to summon Adam (Warlock?).
Stan Lee is left by the eternals.
2015The Avengers - Age of Ultron2015-05-01

Thanos takes the infinity gauntlet. Sokovia Accords is about to be founded (See Civil War).
Last episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 referring to Ultron and Sokovia.
2015The Ant Man2015-07-17

Hope van Dyne gets The Wasp suite.
Steve meets Bucky and discuss help from Ant Man (initiates civil war).
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E01 are released september 29. First episode mentions "Pym Technologies disaster".
2016Captain America - Civil War2016-05-06

(mid) Steve meets Bucky in wakanda. Bucky goes for rest (initiates Black Panther).
(post) Spider-Man speaks with aunt May and checks his new bracelet (initiates Homecoming).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E20 now mentions Sokovia Accords and "their whereabouts with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark" and the public feud.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S04E02 mentions Captain America went AWOL. 

Black Widow2021-05-07

Movie occurs after Civil War but a time before Infinity War.
2016Black Panther2019-02-16

(mid) Black Panther believes that Wakanda can do more to help within the U.N.
(post) Bucky is awakening (for Infinity War).
2016Spider-Man - Homecoming2017-07-07

(mid) Vulture shows up in prison.
(post) Captain America speaks about patience.
2016Doctor Strange2016-11-04

In the end of the movie, they speak about there is no defender of the multiverse.
(mid) Doctor Strange meets Thor. Thor is looking for Odin.
(post) Mordo is going for a magic hunt.
2017Thor - Ragnarök2017-11-03

(mid) Asgård is travelling back to earth. Thanos shows up in his huge ship (initiates Infinity War).
(post) Grandmaster meets the people on ground (and says "it's a tie").
2018The Avengers - Infinity War2018-04-27

Nick Fury and Maria Hill gets snapped. Nick Fury uses Captain Marvel's beeper.
2018The Ant Man and The Wasp2018-07-06

Runs alongside with the end of Infinity War. The world gets snapped.
2023The Avengers - Endgame2019-04-26

Initially occurs at 2023.
Rounded up by the sound of Ironman working in the cave from the first movie.
2023-2024Spider-Man - Far from home2019-07-02

Occurs right after Endgame. Spider-Man's identity is revealed

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings2021-06-09

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness2021-11-05

Ultimate Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel2021-07-16

Thor: Love and thunder2022-02-18

Black Panther II2022-05-06

Captain Marvel 22022-07-29

Ms Marvel confirmed.

Deadpool 32022-10-07


Ant-Man 32023-02-17

Fantastic Four2023-05-05


Spider-Man 32023-07-28



The new mutants2020-08-28

The Falcon and The Winter SoldierFall 2020



Spring 2021



December 2020



Late 2021


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