In 2017 there was several initiated projects. This page collects them all - and what status they have.

Some of the projects goes far back in time and is not bound to 2017.

ForumThe golden era is over. Our forum, is almost buried, as Facebook has taken over most of the market.
Currently, our forum is also broken and highly unsupported. A plan DO exist, to rebuild something here.
Either with new CMS software, the same software from scratch, or something else that is more Facebook friendly.

The forum
TorneAUTH 4.0"The portal of everything". This is where most of account editing and configuration happens.

TorneLIB 6.0Library, based on five other projects, merged together since 2006 and most of them was never finished.
Version 6 is however finished, but the parts in the library are built on modules (compatible with composer) instead.

Project pages
TorneAPI 3.0Version of TorneAPI is both live at and has a open source project branch.

DNSBL 5.0The DNS Blacklist project. Exists, as a web-application (but it seems to no longer work properly). Needs maintenance A.S.A.P - However, the API works just fine (in APIv2). Will be transferred to APIv3.

NETFILTERA project that, from the initial start, was built to remove elements from the Facebook timeline, such as spammy tests and such. Currently, requests has been made to also remove political links, fake news and different kinds of spam - not only on Facebook as the whole interwebz are filled with this unwanted information.

SnapShotAPIAn independent section, formerly known as RSSFetch, that downloads and monitors updates and changes in different RSS/XML feeds.


Projects On Hold

Votech PollguruA complete failure that misfired in the last release. Planned - but in future only.

Skype Video DownloaderA .NET project that has been paused but are planned.


Projects Abandoned

Some of the older projects has been completely abandoned and will soon be, or are already, abandoned. They should not be used at all, but if there is any questions on what happened there, here's a list.

TorneAPI v1.0Obsolete. Will be removed soon.

TorneAPI v2.0

Primary stable API. Runs on its own engine. However, there are a few bottlenecks in the current source.
It went too heavy after I got halfway inspired of how to "really build an API". API v3 will be built from scratch.

TorneLIB v5.0The version we thought should be revolutionary. That part failed. Too many strange dependencies.
Still maintained but as v6.0 goes online, this goes in deprecation. Will be replaced completely in future.
However, sources are still deployed (untagged in master) from v6, to keep some modules stable.

Also known as TorneEngine, TREngine/PHPCore (commercial-ish edition), etc.