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Project status

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Recently, the project was rebooted, due to code obsoletion in v1.x and v2.x. The first rebuild of the project got too heavy, since I tried to reuse some components from the older versions. One of those components was an old SQLite-driver to store data about objects that should be filtered. The project was neither very modular, and supported only Facebook in a quite sloppy way. So in august/september 2017 a complete reboot was made and all recently closed issues included in the first version was re-opened and set into TODO-state. The main reason was to keep track of which features that should be reincluded in the new release.



The primary purpose of this NetFilter is to take a bit control over your feed. We want you to decide what you want to see. Or actually, I want to control what I want to see in my flow, but with the decision to make this extension available in public you could do the same. Besides, to put this extension in live mode, without developing tools activated - it has to be put up at Chrome Webstore. So here you go, play with it.

It's been a while since things happened in the project (The NetFilter Story tells you a bit of what has happened here) but the biggest thing that made me actually take care of this again has a few points of interest:

Automatically reporting bad content?

One another thing (experimental) that may be actual in the future is an automatic "mark as spam" or "unwelcome content"-reporter on social medias - if this function will be implemented in a full release (and if this is not against site TOSes). This means that if there are buttons available on the used site, that can be used as "Mark as spam" (or similar) the plugin may also be able to automatically report such content directly to the site. Since the filter only hides elements, they will remain in background as you shut down the filter. By reporting them, depending on how the site decides to handle your reported content, this may case permanent removals (from your timeline) of content you don't want to see. If such content also is against the sites internal terms of services, this could also help the site keeping it clean - much faster compared to manually handling bad content.

To be continued

As this plugin are developed and more ideas comes to our mind, we may fill this page up with that information.