Features import

The main goal for this plugin is, if compatibiliy should be remain from the old plugin, the code itself should not be copy-pasted. Codebase should be renewed. Following below is a list of things that has been extra considered and explained why a specific action has been taken.

Stock handling

was cancelled during october 2021, after a few notable incidents with how stock are handled by WooCommerce. The specific rule is that the plugin should never itself handle stock over WooCommerce rules since this could cause problems.

Filters and actions

Normally, when building plugins there's probably a first time for everything. And if there is a second rebuild, compatibility could be handy. For this plugin, the codebase have been browsed and all prior filters have been picked up to maintain anything that looks like a compatibility requirement.

contains a list of the hooks and filters that resides in the old version and what happened to them in the way of transformation into the new version. Some of them are very specifically built for v2.x and the prior conditions but some of them are also possibly vital for third party developers that they are following. Especially if they ever consider this plugin as a replacement for the old one. This page explains each filter and their destiny. It will be updated as they are transformed or thrown away.


Deprecated feature to fire up extra functions during status updates in WooCommerce. Among others used as a way to run $order→payment_completed() and similar functions for systems that really needs this. Normally, this kind of actions has not been supported until just recently.


StoreId. Wants backwards compatibility, but with a planned integration made differently

Should reside in all flows.


Disable/Enable getAddress fields in checkout. Could be handy with backwords-compatiblity.

Breaking change: Can not be used to disable the getAddress forms, just to enable.
To properly disable getAddress forms, instead use rbwc_get_address_disabled.


Testing callback filter. Allows thirdparties to join the testing in 2.x, probably not necessary but we may keep it. Generates filter with html.


Customized annuity factors.

woocommerce_resurs_bank_<type>_checkout_icon (iconified method)

Payment method based filter. Could be handy to import such method (and be backward-compatible) to automatically display custom icons.

Removed filters and actions

Filters marked as may have been implemented but as something else



Implemented. But just to make sure that the old version can be disabled, so it won't interfere.

Plugin is no longer taking advantage of this feature.


If the checkout is normally set to be enabled, this gives external plugins a chance to have it disabled. Disabling it will make the plugin fail over to 

Rumours says that this is currently in production use.


Unsure of the function. Resides under notify_resurs_admin_parts_disabled which seems to be a notification section.

It may have a history to frontend somewhere, but this will probably be left out.


Payment method based function to disable or enable a specific payment method.

Injected in the class creator. Should be rewritten IF imported.


Filter the resides in the gateway parts. Code explains... Also resides in flow_omni.


Resides in refunding section. Changes how the keying is being made while running refunds. If keys are changed the refunding will be more or less sensitive depending on the keys. Incompatible with current solution. Besides, afterShop handling is planned to be handled more freely with user responsibility in mind.


Fixed description: Force getAddress information to show government id.


Same as  but for timestamps. Don't really know why it's here (yet).


Resides in checkout page. Used to track location of RCO so cart can be recalculated for remote again, if customers are jumping around in multiple browsers/tabs. Could be very effective. Used from v3core (the small release that crashed).


Disables/enables old plugin to run in sections where it doesn't belong.

Resides in allowPluginToRun with preventGlobalInterference.

Do not import if possible. Solve the problem.

How about afterShopFlow? Can it handle its own older orders?


See . Overrider for refunding. Meaning, if set, refunding on something else than the getPayment price can be overriden.

Eventually this feature should always be an overrider, that matches the Resurs side payment.


Allows options to be changed on fly. Should not be included.


Model prefix. Used with the old class definitions where all methods were physically saved as files - for WPMU (Wordpress Network).


Icon that seems to be malplaced as RCO is not generating local images.


Not necessary. Old failover for changing account APIs based on username.


Payment sorting by value. Skip this and build a sorter that is instead is fetching payment methods as received from the API (nordic rules requires this).


Localization that reminds me about the current installment.

session handling filters 


As it seems we do not use session stuff (yet) in the current release.


Custom configurable sections.


Yet another disabler. Allows disabling of the initial class gateway generatator.


Filter that handles customer-checkout-backend eventually.

I don't see the needs of it here.


An emergency payment method list updater that allows us to change the final timediff.

Probably not necessary.


Resides in an isolation that is probably used to fetch callbacks and allow more actions for them in background.

This feature will be replaced by a natural filter, as it covers callback amongst other.