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Version 2.x should be considered as the coming stable release branch, but there are still no officla release.


Endpoints is automatically detected (for the upcoming API viewer) and can be found here.


In version 2.x you may see the responses in a few different responses. They are called with the parameter viewport (either use ?viewport=X, &viewport=X or as a post parameter). All viewports displays output data in UTF-8 encoding.

If you trust our responses and want to save bandwidth, you may also want to use viewmode=tiny, to only show "relevant" data. However, errors and other data are suppressed in this mode.

ViewportSeen as
jsonJSON (Default)
prettyJSON (Encoded with JSON_PRETTY_PRINT)
If driver is available, this viewport will be based on XML_Serializer. If our XML_Serializer fails, we will fall back to the SimpleXMLElement class.
phpserializeA php serialized string
printA string based on print_r()


Compression and encoding

There are undocumented and untested support for compression, that can be called by using encode=<encodeType>. The output format will be a double encoded result string that looks like this, and are named as their methods:

The response itself is the real rendered response. The supported encoding are listed below.

Compression typeMethodLevelResponse keyOther info
gzipgzEncode (PHP)9gzEncodeEncodedResponse 
gzipgzCompress (PHP)9gzCompressEncodedResponse 
md5md5-md5EncodedResponseThis is actually only a testing function and won't compress anything



Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution


URLDescription 1.x 2.0
API v1.x (Deprecated)Docs for version 1.x
API v2.0Docs for version 2.x

Versions, changes, etc

VersionChanges, removals, adds, etc
1.0.5Deprecation when 2.x are officially released
2.0.0Initialized project. Still in alpha mode.
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