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Due to the restrictions at internet service provider level and our needs of properly working inbound and outbound mail services, we have configured a bunch of methods, to make domain names available from our own network. This page tells how to configure your mail clients to communicate with those services.


Currently, no secure communications are available from Tornevall Networks. Everything you are doing will be sent and received in plain text.

Reading mail

You can get your mail in two ways: By pop3 or imap. The current configuration is listed here

protocolportserverauthentication requiredssl/tls availableipv4-gatewaysipv6-gateways

Sending mail

Sending mail through Tornevall Networks has been made available, if your regular service provider do not allow you using their servers for third party domain names In this case, you may want to use the below configuration.

protocolportserverauthentication requiredssl/tls availableipv4-gatewaysipv6-gateways

Relaying mail

There are however moments where port 25 are also prohibited to use by your internet service provided and restrictions are made, so the only way to use SMTP are to use another server and port. If you have no other options, this is the method that we recommend you to use.

Be aware of the second relay, where port 587 is available. This is used, as a default plain text port, when the first option are unavailable for you - for example a restricted network, that do not allow communication through anything but standard ports.

protocolportserverauthentication requiredssl/tls availableipv4-gatewaysipv6-gateways

SMTP Authentication

Authentication are only necessary when using personal accounts outside the domains of Tornevall Networks.
It is still possible to get whitelisted here, so no authentication are needed. However, this is limited to static connections, with IP-addresses that are never changed by your ISP.
Examples on non static addresses are such hosts that are delivered by Telia, Tele2, Telenor, etc.




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