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NETCURL is a network library with a backstory in the simplicity to find and extract lists of ip-addresses from websites, utilize them and register them as proxies of different types. In short, NETCURL was once built for the DNSBL API.

In the present day, NETCURL has been used in e-commerce platforms to simplify the multi-usage of both REST and SOAP-calls with the say initial method. The module is written to be quickly fired up with no preparing setup, as we often can see in many other libraries (where you need to configure all data by yourself). The only thing required for this module is to load it and then use your preferred request (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc).

The intentions of NETCURL was never to rebuild the wheel as there are so many solutions that is already doing this. In many cases we see finished packages, where everything must be configured from scratch before a "proper" usage (Guzzle, Zend, etc). For NetCURL, this is not the case. In our case, we'd like to be able to utilize such packages and make the best out of it.

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