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When you register callbacks in the plugin they will also show up in the administration interface like this:


This body is not only visible in a production environment. However, as we know it the http response code is always visible in logs somewhere so for that part there's no problems. However, sometimes merchants or developers needs to extend their error checking som instead of push up breakpoints and such, in an environment, the json body response is an extra errorchecking layer. This is what you get from it (see the example above).

aliveConfirmAlways true, when nothing has yet gone wrong. Set to false on exceptions.
actualWhich callback that has been send from Resurs (or you manually) to be handled.
digestCodeThe result of Resurs or your action (see codes below).

An extension that tells the sending part if something went wrong during the callback. This can be mocked from the "mockAdmin".

No Format
    "code": 0,
    "message": ""

This is the default view of the error part. If there are no errors, the code will always be 0 and the message empty (unless there are special conditions that occurs on Resurs Bank which sometimes not returning a proper error code).

Responses explained

CodeResponse stringDescriptionPlugin constant
200Test OKWhen callbacks are tested and accepted by system.HTTP_RESPONSE_TEST_OK
202Order is not ours, but it is still accepted.

When option accept_rejected_callbacks is enabled in config and the plugin receives an order that is not explicitly created in the current platform.

This status means that plugin has been rejected to handle the order, but responds as the callback was OK.
The purpose of this status is to make Resurs Bank callback service stop sending further requests in case they are not stopping on rejects.



Callback received handled and updated without errors.HTTP_RESPONSE_OK
406Digest rejected.

The salt key has been changed in the system and is no longer matching with Resurs Bank.

The way the plugin are calculating the digest key will fail and return this error.

410Order is not ours.

When option accept_rejected_callbacks is disabled in config and the plugin receives an order that is not explicitly created in the current platform.

This status means the plugin is unconditionally rejecting the callback.

UnhandledErrorstring generated automaticallly

This is an automatically generated and forwarded code and errormessage.

It is only shown during exceptions that is catched by the system on unknown errors.


Responses caused by someone else