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What is different compared with the inhouse version?

I'd say everything to this. Most of the codebase resided inside only one big file that's over time has been "impossible" to handle. Initially there was practically no filters nor actions, so developers could now easily hook into the plugin to handle extra actions through runtimeEverything.

  • The codebase. You'd be scared if you look at v2.x
  • With filters, actions and detailed logging for problem tracking.
  • Data loss protection when bridging orders via Resurs Bank. Instead of having a big load of parameters in the url, we're happy with one single base64-encoded variable than can be decoded on its way back to the checkout without loosing original charset or content.

Sidenotes and details

  • The plugin, when creating an order-api URLs, is using Woocommerce-approved components to generate a proper url based on which permalink setup you run with.

Special features

Each order in the order view will save its current API status