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Tornevall Networks Libraries for .NET

This is an initial document for TorneLIB .NET that is half clone for TorneLIB-PHP (formerly called TorneEngine). It has not been alive as long as TorneLIB-PHP, but it's in development mode right now. It is currently used in the application list below.


TorneLIB is a set of methods, simplified for getting started fast, without defining the whole world before getting availability.

In the beginning, this project was called TorneEngine and was a highly private project, but it was cloned into smaller pieces of code due to the needs back in time. In some environments (that we probably should consider deprecated), TorneLIB-PHP is more known as PHPCore. Most of the work there is based on TorneEngine v2x. The upcoming version 3x was created to clean up the mess, written in 2x, and the plans for the library was supposed to support SOAP-calls. Fortunately, this got discontinued, and now, we're starting over with version 4x, to really support "everything" better. Most of the functions are based on internal calls and currently the Zend framework are not readded (this may change in the future) and as little as possible of the old codebase are lifted over to v4, to avoid "complications".

Version 4 of TorneLIB-PHP is the base structure that also will become TorneLIB-NET 4. Probably, the versions will differ a bit in the look. But we'll be back with this information later on.


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Where is version 1 and version 2

There is no such thing. TorneLIB is following the standards for the PHP-library TorneLIB-PHP, where the current version is 3.x - the former versions of TorneLIB (or TorneEngine) is deprecated.