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The blocks of JSON is what's configured in the synchronized chrome store. This block can be exported - and is automatically - through the mini control panel that we use to set things up. If we set this up as an import function, you can easily share data with others by just pasting in straight into the box. Currently, this is how we use to test our data, since there is no automation API that we can import from.


Actions are currently separated on the following criterias:

action namedescription

The simplest way of using the plugin. Adds notes to an element that are covered by the content detection.

To attach the "notification" to a specific element, the flows json-object can be assigned a "attachto"-value.


removeThe opposite of notify. Simply removes the element and leaves no traces.
replaceReplace the entire element with new data. The "new" data is the content normally published in the notify-object.

Coming soon.

Will try to remove thumbnails instead of whole elements, so shares can be visible without the share itself.


Coming soon.

Instead of removing an element, we can choose to hide it. This opens for unhiding elements.

Mockdata - Element Flow Rules