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curl init exception: curl library has been disabled system wideNETCURL_CURL_DISABLED
curl init exception: curl library not foundNETCURL_CURL_MISSING
Could not set up a proper communications driver since none existNETCURL_NOCOMM_DRIVER
setDriverException: GuzzleStream does not existsNETCURL_EXTERNAL_DRIVER_MISSING
Flags can not be emptyNETCURL_SETFLAG_KEY_EMPTY
Version requests are not allowed in current state (permissions required)403Occurs when getInternalRelease is invoked without permission
<ip> is not a valid ip-addressNETCURL_IPCONFIG_NOT_VALID
HtmlParse exception: Can not parse DOMDocuments without the DOMDocuments classNETCURL_DOMDOCUMENT_CLASS_MISSING
getParsedValue exception: Requested key was not found in parsed responseNETCURL_GETPARSEDVALUE_KEY_NOT_FOUND
SoapClient is not available in this systemNETCURL_SOAPCLIENT_CLASS_MISSING
SoapClient is not available in this systemNETCURL_SOAPCLIENT_CLASS_MISSING
Could not find any available transport for WordPress DriverNETCURL_WP_TRANSPORT_ERROR
streams for guzzle is probably missing as I can't find the request method in the current classNETCURL_GUZZLESTREAM_MISSING
NetCurlDriverException: No communication drivers are currently available (not even curl).NETCURL_NO_DRIVER_AVAILABLE
The format of pemLocationData is not properly setNETCURL_PEMLOCATIONDATA_FORMAT_ERROR
exception from SimpleSoap->getSoap(): Could not create SoapClient. Make sure that all settings and URLs are correctly configuredNETCURL_SIMPLESOAP_GETSOAP_CREATE_FAIL

can not render XML data properly, since the IO library is not initialized

is missing MODULE_IO for rendering post data contentNETCURL_IO_PARSER_MISSING

getRenderedGuzzleResponse exception: Guzzle driver missing proper methods like getHeaders(), can not render response


Occurs during guzzle rendering and methods like getHeaders is missing in the response object
getWp exception: Wordpress driver seem to miss get_response_object


Occurs during wordpress rendering and methods like get_response_object is missing in the wp driver object

Netcurl Error Constants

A list of errors in netcurl and when they occur

NETCURL_NO_ERROR0No errors occured. False alarm
NETCURL_EXCEPTION_IT_WORKS1You've triggered a test exception somewhere
NETCURL_CURL_MISSING1000curl is missing in your system


NETCURL_SETFLAG_KEY_EMPTY1001When using the netcurl method setFlag($keyName, $keyValue) and $keyName has no value
NETCURL_COOKIEPATH_SETUP_FAIL1002When paths for setting cookie files can not be set due to permissions or similar


NETCURL_IPCONFIG_NOT_VALID1003When configuring outgoing ip address for calls, and the address can not be identified neither as IPv4 nor IPv6
NETCURL_SETSSLVERIFY_UNVERIFIED_NOT_SET1004In prior versions of NetCurl, some parameters for SSL verification could not be set unless another flag was enabled


NETCURL_DOMDOCUMENT_CLASS_MISSING1005Drivers for document tree in PHP is missing
NETCURL_GETPARSEDVALUE_KEY_NOT_FOUND1006Occurs when getParsedValue is used without a $keyName (recursion error)
NETCURL_SOAPCLIENT_CLASS_MISSING1007Using SOAP without the SoapClient installed
NETCURL_SIMPLESOAP_GETSOAP_CREATE_FAIL1008When SoapClient could not be initialized for an unknown reason (occurs after possible failover tries)
NETCURL_WP_TRANSPORT_ERROR1009Occurs on external driver initializiation, when no transport layer has been found (curl or streams)
NETCURL_CURL_DISABLED1010Having curl disabled when checking for external drivers (deprecated as of 6.0.20)


NETCURL_NOCOMM_DRIVER1011When no communications driver exists (deprecated as of 6.0.20)


NETCURL_EXTERNAL_DRIVER_MISSING1012Was used in driver initialization (6.0.19 or lower) when failover to guzzleStream failed


NETCURL_GUZZLESTREAM_MISSING1013Occurs during the call in guzzleDriver, when the method request in the worker was not found

NETCURL_HOSTVALIDATION_FAIL1014Occurs during extraction of url domain and the DNS resolved fails to look up an extracted hostname
NETCURL_PEMLOCATIONDATA_FORMAT_ERROR1015Occurs when SSL pem locations are misconfigured
NETCURL_DOMDOCUMENT_EMPTY1016When a domdocument is empty (seems to be unused)
NETCURL_NO_DRIVER_AVAILABLE_NOT_EVEN_CURL1017Trying to initialize NetCurl without any communications driver ("not even curl")


1018Reserved for future use (when a __call can't find a proper method to fire up


1019This usually happens when you're using older versions of NetCURL or where the IO library is not installed (composer should handle this). In NetCURL 6.0.20, XML rendering is being made from this library
NETCURL_IO_PARSER_MISSING1020As of NetCURL 6.0.20, the post data parsing (and most of the parsing between data formats) is running through MODULE_IO that is included in CryptoLIB (MODULE_CRYPTO). Without this library many things can act differently or not work at all


1021Occurs during guzzle rendering and methods like getHeaders is missing in the response object


1022Occurs during wordpress rendering and methods like get_response_object is missing in the wp driver object