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titleON HOLD

Current ongoing project can be viewed from here! The master branch of the Chrome version can be viewed here! Be aware of that the current version there is an early alpha and not ready to deply yet.

titleUpdate, September 2017

Recently, the project was rebooted, due to code obsoletion in v1.x and v2.x. The first rebuild of the project got too heavy, since I tried to reuse some components from the older versions. One of those components was an old SQLite-driver to store data about objects that should be filtered. The project was neither very modular, and supported only Facebook in a quite sloppy way. So in august/september 2017 a complete reboot was made and all recently closed issues included in the first version was re-opened and set into TODO-state. The main reason was to keep track of which features that should be reincluded in the new release.