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Why rebuilding the wheel? There are other libraries that do the same job!

Well. Yes and no. Almost. The other libraries out there, are probably doing the exact same job as we do here. The problem with other libraries (that I've found) is amongst others that they are way too big. This library is asked to do one thing, so . Taking for example GuzzleHTTP, is for example a huge project if you're aiming to use a smaller project that not requires tons of files to run. They probably covers a bit more solutions than this project, however, we are aiming to make curl usable on as many places as possible in a smaller format. What we are doing here is turning the curl PHP libraries into a very verbose state and with that, returning completed and parsed data to your PHP applications in a way where you don't have to think of this yourself.

So, this library is built for doing one thing only: Communicate. So instead of including one big package of library-files, this library shoud probably be considered a light weight curl-handler. The only job this library actually does is raising the verbosity, so all URL-calls may collect as much information as possible. It also do some parsing, so configuration or data extraction has to be done manually. You could of course use other libraries aswell, but our goal is to keep this one as small as possible, just to be able to fit anywhere you'd like. The whole idea with this curl bridge is to avoid fiddling with all curl settings by yourself.