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RBL Bitmasking Data

1IP has been scanned
Meaning: The ip has been reported from a third party but is unconfirmed by our local sweepers. As there may be SMTP-servers amongst our hosts, this bit value may be unsafe to use
2IP has been confirmed as working proxy
4-Coming soon-
8IP was tested, but was never returning anything
Meaning: The ip may be fixed by the owner and therefore it's not working anymore
16-Coming soon-
This is the former field for failed connections, which has been taken over by bit value 8
32IP is tested and is fully functional but there is a second entry point (meaning this ip is not the same as the one that has been used by the user"), or the address is an exit node in TOR-network
64IP is marked as "abusive". Primary used to point out spam or attacks through webforms, forum, telnet, etc
128IP has a different anonymous-state (web-based proxies, like anonymouse, etc)
May be deprecated soon is the default zone ( removed 130630) to use on lookups. Future zones will also reported here.

Fraudalent e-mail

FraudBL has just been started as a separate project - for the moment you can reach the site at, but in future this service should get a proper integration also.


API References
The official repo at (
The repo at