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The same thing occurs reversely on AJAX calls. This is something you can read more about in the Scripts and AJAX section. However, very shortly, when snake_case-based AJAX calls arrives, they are translated to camelCase requests in the primary Ajax-call handler ResursBank\Module\PluginApi. If the call above (doThisAction) was an ajax call, the action would be named resursbank_do_this_action. When handled internally it is retranslated to PluginAPI\doThisAction().

Other principles

  • Always add since-docblocks in the code, so we always can refer from which version the feature was added. Best practice is to add it when we know which version we're working on, or before the major release if it is long-time pullrequests.
  • We follow PSR-schemes and inspections like phpcs, mess detector and beautifyers.