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$imageName is the short name (i.e. "logotype") of an image that usually resides in /images in the plugin structure.
Loading will occur with an autodetected file extension which limits the risks of loading something not allowed.

Example: getImage('author-photo')

ResursBank\Module\Data::getGatewayPath($subDirectory)Absolute path to plugin structure.By entering a subdirectory name it als returns /full/path/to/subDirectory.
Example: getGatewayPath('images')
Returns /full/path/to/plugin/images
ResursBank\Module\Data::applyFilters($filterName, $value[, $args])Whatever that is applied.

This is actually a standard apply_filters, but with a helper that always adds a proper prefix to every filters applied.

Example: applyFilters('checkout')
Will apply: rbwc_checkout

Note: Compare to applyFiltersDeprecated that instead generates "resurs_bank_checkout", to comply with prior plugin releases.

Always returns version number that lies within composer.json.
Always returns version number that lies within the initializer.
ResursBank\Module\Data::getValidatedVersionbooleanReturns true if both composer-version and internal version is the same. If not, the plugin should warn inside wp-admin that someone forgot to update this data.