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titleDisable peer verification example
$CURL = new \TorneLIB\Tornevall_cURL();
$output = $CURL->doGet("");

SSL Capability checking

In some release packages, where curl is not compiled with SSL support, the library might spit out a lot of exceptions. With 5.0.0-20170425, the library will come with the SSL capability check. With this, a developer might discover before any problem occurs, if it is because of missing SSL libraries in curl.  The function call is very easy to use: $LIB->hasSsl() returns a boolean of the first SSL control check, that is being made when the library is about to instantiate.

Parsing regular HTML

The library has, as of 5.0.0-20120211, the ability to convert regular incoming html-documents into a parsed array, if there is a need to read any content as an array. Since this ability may consume memory and/or CPU, it has to be enabled first. It has been tested with HTML documents, so far and it extracts a document by following content: