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SSL Certificates and validation

Primary usage: WSDL calls.

The cUrl library has it's own method to find out if there are missing SSL certificates during https-calls. Normally, this is not a very big issue, since standard linux installations are smart enough to store bundles, pems and crt-files in standard locations (/etc/ssl/certs for example). This is however not always the case. If the storage is located elsewhere, https-calls may sometimes fail. By using $CURL→sslPemLocations, you can replace the current standard paths and let the library look for them where you believe they should be instead, since this can not be set on fly through ini_set. This whole operation may be tested through the call TestCerts(), that runs an internal function openssl_guess(). This function is always called from the primary constructor, to make sure the certificates can be located as early as possible and it a certificate file are found in the inital run, it does not have to be runned again. Later on, when using the primary GET/POST/etc-calls the certificate bundle will be used in the stream_context-handler to make sure the https gets handled properly.