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TorneLIB v6.0 is the first package release that's been made public from its initial release, in the form of a composer bundle. All modules delivered with TorneLIB can be separately installed.

All previous versions is obsolete and no longer supported (except for that v5 is still kept alive). However v5 is a bundle with dependencies that makes it too big. The other versions are not worth any comments as it has been written for private use only.

TorneLIB is currently maintained as PHP, but other release packages might be built in the future. This is the landing page that handles anything you need to know about this library.

So what is TorneLIB?

TorneLIB was in the beginning built as a big library that "fixed all dirty jobs for you". This was a time before I was familiar with Zend framework, Laravel, etc. The new versions of TorneLIB is therefore not as big as the prior versions. There are things that could be made better somewhere else. For TorneLIB I've ben focusing on simplicity instead of complexity. I like frameworks and systems that do not require a whole bunch of configuration before starting.

TorneLIB is put on packagist and all you need to install the libraries or the modules is composer. However, downloading the source may be done in several ways.



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