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This page describes the checkout types and their respective order flows.

Simplified shopflow

This is the checkout type/shop flow called "integrated checkout" in the plugin.

Hosted shopflow

This is the paypal like shopflow in the plugin.

Resurs Checkout

This is currently the flagship of Resurs Bank. The integration is based on an iframe that resides entirely at the side of Resurs Bank. By means, integrators only need to make customer data play with the iframe - the rest of data, including signed payments etc is handled by Resurs Bank.

There are a few ways to handle iframe related orders. This plugin should support both.

  1. Straight forward - pretending that the iframe solution is another variant of the simplified flow without the payment methods rendering.
  2. Iframe messaging and order intercepting. In this flow, we will make sure that the order is created properly in WooCommerce before releasing payment handling to Resurs Bank. This means that we lock the purchase button in the iframe until WooCommerce have said ok.
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