The Ultimate Toolbox

There's a lot of applications out there, that fixes a lot of nice things for you but very often, they don't fix all those things that you need in the same place. You always need a lot of different applications that does the job for you. This is a try to collect as many features as possible, in one application. This client is written for personal use, but since we are open source friendly, the application has been built in a way that more people can use if needed.

Primary, this idea came up for a few years ago, when I realized that I started to have too many website-passwords to keep remember. A client that could store passwords and show them in realtime, every time a know website was entered, was built. Unfortunately, it failed, since then encryption engine was too weak. Now, this is a new try to make a general Tool interface, that does all the job for you. Thanks to TorneLIB, with it's encryption library and the ability to speak with Services and API. Traffic between the client and server are completely encrypted through SSL. Sensitive information that has to be stored locally in the registry is also encrypted.



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