As we have had problems with spam to the regular support address - - all inbound mail will first be verified as "real" before they are handled. This means there's a manual inspection at regular basis. As soon as this has passed, you will ge a confirmation mail, that your request has reached us.


As of august 2016 there are tools available for helping self (e.g. DNSBL), meaning the SLA state has been changed to normal.

Before contacting us, make sure you have tried to use the tools first.


Weekends and holidays are not included in this list.

Service levelResponse time (*)Handling time (**)Usage
Low7 days14 daysIssues with no emergency/priority
Normal3 days7 daysRegular support
Medium2 days3 daysSupport that should be prioritized before "Normal" issues
High1 day 2 daysIssues in hurry
EmergencyAs soon as possibleAs soon as possibleIssues that affects on environmental levels
Special customer(Same as High SLA)(Same as High SLA)Only used in extremely special cases

* = Each issue matching this rule are normally responded before this timespan
** = Each issue matching this rule are normally resolved before this timespan


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