TorneEngine - Legacy

The TorneEngine-family is a bunch of legacy libraries once created to get the most out of the applications written. The TorneEngine are split up in pieces since they were used in different kind of projects and eras (before it became TorneLIB v5). The bitbucket-repository will hopefully containt the full "legacy collection", for historical purposes. There will however be a “some-kind-of-backwards-compatibility-making”-project around them, since they are still used in quite obsolete, but alive, systems (even if they are not many). One example, amongst others, that is currently quite important is the SnapShotAPI. To make those systems run properly until they have completely been transfered to TorneLIB-compatibility, and hopefully as stand alone services (a.k.a “The last of its kind”), they will be at least halfway supported via those repos.

TorneEngine - Origin

Inspired by vBulletin and load of other platforms, some forks have been created in the past few years. I am going to try to describe them here, as good as I can, since a lot of documents are missing or lost in space due to different reasons. It, however, started with the need of "good database handling", which vBulletin had, so many calls from vBulletin 3x is probably familiar with calls like $database->query() and $database→query_first(). The first versions also contained a version of the past vBulletin functions to handle templates, with if-conditions as html-tags, like this:

vBulletin ifs
<if condition="$a == $b">
    <if condition="$z == $y">
        Show This
        Show That
    Continue show this too.

However, as TorneEngine was released, this way to handle if conditions was removed from the open source library and instead the ability to load own functions to handle 'ifs' via plugins was made to not disturb the eventuals copyrights of the code. In TorneLIB v5, we are instead trying to utilize Smarty with the same calls (evaltemplate()).

TorneEngine - Versions

  • TeleEngine/TREngine/etc
  • OrderEngine
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