Tornevall Networks Application Suite are requiring some permissions on signup, and can be selected by need, depending on what you want to do. It's important to know that we're not using any of your data to collect or sell information about you. The data is only used to reach different spaces of Facebook. Here's a list of the permissions we're asking for, and what they actually do.

Read more about our terms and policies here.

If we ever ask for your permissions in any matter, they are listed and described here. "Default"-permissions are set up during first registration - the others will only be asked for when needed and in such cases reauthorization are required.

User Data Permissions



Normally, the content we get here is standard information about you, like

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Your profile link
  • etc

This also includes the permission public_profile.


Ability to read your feed. Used for upcoming application like SnapShotAPI


Gives us access to your joined groups. Used for SnapShotAPI (Formerly known as FeedTracker). However, this permission is deprecated from Facebook Graph 2.4 and will only last until 2017


Gives us access to discussion groups that you are managing as an administrator. Used for SnapShotAPI (Formerly known as FeedTracker).

Extended Permissions



Your e-mail address connected to Facebook.
If you are planning on register a username at Tornevall Networks for the first time, we need a working e-mail address of yours since we require you to activate the account manually through that address.


Will only activate if you are planning to use any of our publishing applications, SweMobile, etc



Permissions that we currently not requesting

Listed permissions are related to Facebook API version 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4. Deprecated Facebook-versions are bolded in the listings (where the bolded information means "last version seen").

Data permissions

user_actions.books,,,,, user_activities (2.2), user_birthday, user_education_history, user_events, user_friends,
user_games_activity, user_groups (2.3), user_hometown, user_interests (2.2), user_likes, user_location, user_photos, user_relationship_details, user_relationships, user_religion_politics, user_status,
user_tagged_places, user_videos, user_website, user_work_history


ads_management, ads_read, manage_notifications, manage_pages, publish_pages, read_friendlists, read_insights, read_mailbox, read_page_mailboxes, read_stream, rsvp_event


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