This page is an archive storage for the "Tornevall Networks Content Filter (Upgrading)" chrome extension that will soon change name.

What do you want to hide today?

Have you ever wondered why Facebook are not allowing to block special content that actually irritates the hell out of you? For example, those eternally shared "tests" from nametests and what-character-are-you. Or those friends that always shares political crap, when you just want to know how THEY are? No more wondering. Now, you may hide (not block) bad content yourself, while waiting for Facebook to wake up.

Development and tracking

Follow the depelopment at

The short story

There is no short story. Only a inconvenient long one. See The NetFilter Story

The extension for Chrome

Documents containing backend-stuff can be found at NetFilter for Chrome - Configuration

Browsers supported

  • This extension are currently for Google Chrome, but may in the future arrive for other browsers.
  • The former name of this project is "Tornevall Networks Facebook Content Filter". The filter is however, ongoing to support a whole lot more, than only content filtering on Facebook.
  • This filter does not protect you against being sold out by your friends!

If you think something is missing (like support for Firefox, which is planned), tell us by mailing or register yourself at and throw us an issue.

Permission updates

Permissions that has changed.

Background access

NETFILTER-62 - Getting issue details... STATUS
The background access will basically put the extensions into places where it is not needed.


Permissions to


To be able to fetch timeline elements from Facebook


Permissions to


NETFILTER-44 - Getting issue details... STATUS
To be able to interfere with satire, clickjacking and bad sites. Timeline filtering is currently limited to Facebook by the elements of Facebook, only.
However, permissions to read other sites will somehow give partially support of filtering bad urls on other sites also.
The first thing that came to my mind was to let the extension work as an adblocker too, but this will remain officially unsupported. 



The TorneAPI will not only help with urls, it will also help with central storage. As I'm switching computer, I can ask NetFilter to synchronize my data with the API. It's quite anonymous and the purpose (since it's not finished yet) is to be able to quickly sign up for a random account and start synchronizing and depending on you that account will probably be your own secret.


The performance is important, so the last methods used for reading links at Facebook has been changed. In earlier versions reading was done by looping through elements, checking if they contained something that should have been filtered out. Bad move. Especially since this also required a timer, that looped through all elements by a specific interval. Quite exhausting, right? Reading elements again and again and again, every two seconds. No. So this has changed. Now, there is a realtime listener added into the scripts instead, that makes Chrome tell when there is an update on the page. This gives some advantages to the analyzing:

  • The script has actually a chance to block content as it is loading, not after (Meaning, it will be removed faster, hopefully fast enough so you won't be able to see it)
  • The script does not need to rescan the page, it runs with Chrome as long as something load. In the case of Facebook, this works while you scroll too - and only new elements are scanned

Download and install

Official release located att Google Webstore. On top of this page, there is some subversion repos you may be interested in, if you want to review code.

Coming soon (Full backlog with not version set)

Key Summary T Status Fix Version/s

Releases and changelog

Version 2.1.0 - Coming version

Trunk State: NOAPI-BETA

Key Summary T Status P

Version +


Key Summary T Status

Previous versions

Version 2.0.0


Key Summary T Status

Version 1.0.0


Undocumented. If you're interested in code, look for the repo on top of this page.

For historical reasons, we store the old version here (fb_pageblock-1.0.2.crx).
It's however deprecated and should not be used at all, since it definetively won't work properly today. This crx-package is rebuilt to match the current requirement of manifest version.

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