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Permission flagDescription


Global delisting permission (can use as delisting service for visitors)
local_delistLocal delisting permission (server can delist self)
dnsbl_updateStandard DNSBL ability to update data in the DNSBL
fraudbl_updateFraudBL ability to update data in the fraudcommerce database
can_purgeSpecial ability to purge hosts instead of marking them deleted in the database
overwrite_flagsWhen sending new or updated data to DNSBL, clients can only add more flags to the host. This feature makes it possible to overwrite old flags
allow_cidrThe usage of CIDR-blocks are normally not permitted by the DNSBL API, in more functions than listing them. This permission also opens up for usage in DELETE/UPDATE cases (in our local e-mail requests where support sometimes cover CIDR-block removals, this would help a lot). However, adding data with CIDR and different flags might be a problem (this permission does not exist in the API yet)